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This picture is from mad-house from Goodcity (CZ) what helping to U.S. Harkonen means werebear in atol language and it is weapon of nature. -
Lord who must awakenen!


How is it bad - so you must sleep - be a sleeper - creation unit - so you must to drink and love Atreides - THE DES!
In the film Dune is Harkonen tortured to stop his killing by eye view and his mastering in fighting knoledge for you through his nature love by Atreides - guests of KUL-VAHL!
AND THIS IS THE THEME or thesis for you: film view of Harkonen - the sacrifice! To live without electro-magnetic signal from year 20'77 needs many changes in life of the planet. And more: sacrifying and peace in heard!!!

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[14:56 My whore's sacrifice cost this World $342,631,840,441,677,421,744,210,327,222,352.18]
[15:58 ... equability of justice - IF YOU A MAN - YOU'LL TAKE IT! - cans HACKER]
[2023-03-07 17:16 done, Done, thanx!!!]

[2023-03-16 15:30 GMT+1]
Problem of economy (and basics in same segment) is consequecy of 3 epochas in time (3x 100,000years exatly) (three (or free) stars (from 385)). I send up-write money to past epocha and in same seccond comes money from future epocha (same count). It is pricip of Harkonen's gover of today's World...
... sense of this pages is to be readed by normal - nervous - people...
NOT UPPERS every what's you have (in money & love)
Olds allways to say: "All money is Satan's!!!"

[2023-07-26 12:54 GMT+2]
This is a winning day, for U.S., Harkonens, - Eatrh is OUR. And difference is deppendency!!! Firstallwall!!!
;;; Chears! ;;;

[2023-08-17 17:08 GMT+2]
This is a winning day too ;o), for Whores , - Sex is OUR. And difference of sex-symbol is deppendency of U.S.!!! From theese days is bank Imidia of all protitutes all over the World. Systema is our!!! Firstallwall!!! .A.
;;; Chears! ;;;

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